Covidien T.E.D. Anti-Embolism Stockings - Knee Length Open Toe

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Product Overview

T.E.D.™ Anti-Embolism Stockings are designed to reduce venous stasis below the knee when thigh length styles are medically contraindicated. The clinically-proven graduated compression pattern helps ensure optimum blood flow velocity. Color: White

Measuring Instructions:

  1. Measure calf circumference at greatest portion to determine size.
  2. Measure distance from bend of knee to bottom of heel to determine length. If possible, measure length in standing position

Sizing Chart

Calf Circumference Length Size
<12" <16" Small Regular
  >16" Small Long
12"-15" <17" Medium Regular
  >17" Medium Long
15"-17.5" <18" Large Regular
  >18" Large Long
17.5"-20" <18" X-Large Regular
  >18" X-Large Long

All purchases for a T.E.D. Anti-Embolism Stockings require a prescription by your doctor. You may fax the prescription to ACG Medical Supply at 972-463-0920 or send by e-mail to