PediFix '4 in 1' Super Soft Toe Cushions

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Product Overview

PediFix "4-in 1" Super Soft Toe Cushions are made of extra-soft foam to divide toes for absorbing pressure and friction while comforting corns and other toe irritations. They help protect toe and tips, support bent-under hammer toes and more. You can wear on top or under, and between two, three or all toes. Great for pedicures, too! Scissor-trimmable for a custom fit. One pair per package and one size that fits most.


  • Helps to relieve pain from corns and irritations
  • Separates and soothes toes that rub
  • Great for pedicures!
  • Can be worn on top or under, between 2, 3 or all toes
  • Scissor-trimmable for a custom fit
  • One pair per package
  • One size that fits most