PediFix Pedi-Quick Foot Scrubber

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Pedi-Quick® Foot Scrubber 

The Pedi-Quick Foot Scrubber cleans, massages, stimulates, and softens your feet every time you shower.

Footcare can be a daily challenge, but the new Pedi-Quick Foot Scrubber makes it safe and easy to get clean, soft, comfortable feet.

Use every day as part of your footcare routine for cleaning, soothing, stimulating and massaging your feet.

  • Stiff outer bristles help remove and smooth rough skin and calluses.
  • The wide gentle inner bristles massage tender soles.
  • Suction cups make certain the Foot Scrubber safely and firmly sticks to the floor of your tub or shower, making it eay to clean your feet without having to bend over.

11,000 contoured bristles, shaped to cradle the foot, create a stimulating foot massage and xtra cleaning power for the bottom and sides of your feet.

Use with the enclosed Tea Tree Ultimates FungaSoap to wash fungus and bacteria from the skin surface, fight odor, and soothe skin. * $10 Value*

Made in America

Clean Feet = Happy Feet