Safe n Simple No-Sting Skin Barrier Film - Large, 25 pack

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Product Overview

An alcohol-free liquid absorbed into large soft wipes that create a transparent protective film when wiped on the skin. This transparent film that forms on the skin once the liquid dries is a synthetic protective skin barrier to adhesives, friction, and body fluids. Increase adhesion of tapes and wafers, gentle, convenient, and scent-free. Individually packaged 5"x7" large and soft wipes.

  • No Alcohol - No Sting
  • No offensive odor
  • Affordable
  • Convenient application options
  • Ideal for crusting technique
  • 25 large 5"x7" wipes per pack

Safe n Simple is a medical care innovator, specializing in the promotion of healthy skin, complete security and confident ostomy management. They strive to view product development through the eyes of customers, who want active, productive lives unimpeded by their condition. Their goal is to make customer's ostomy care safe and simple. The result is a complete line of ostomate care products designed to Cleanse, to Protect, to Secure, and to Assure.